Overview - Accountants in Malta

As you will have already gathered, we’re future focused accountants based in Malta!

We realise that just handling compliance matters and just keeping your books in order is not going to fast track your business goals or achieve your dreams.

What will is growing your business, your profits and your cash flow. Whilst maintaining a healthy balance.

Yes, we’ll do all the usual stuff you’d expect your accountant to do BUT your financial performance and your growth THREE TIMES faster than the competition is our top priority!

And we achieve this by working hard but also smart, to find ways  and opportunities to accelerate your goals and profits today before tomorrow. 

Even if it’s a minor strategy or tax saving incentive, let’s implement it today!

We want every business to flourish and believe that prevention is much better (and much less costly) than the cure. Also opportunities are better grabbed today then tomorrow!


  • We’ll consistently monitor your business performance to ensure you’re on the right track
  • We’re constantly on the lookout for new technology, funding or business trends that will put ahead of your competition.
  • You will certainly hear from us your accountants in Malta far more than just once a year,

About Us-Silvio Muscat

After working with a number of top Audit and Accountancy Firms, in 1990 Silvio Muscat took a deep breath and a leap of faith into the world of the self-employed. So began the humble beginnings of the firm. The same journey as most of you reading this right now have experienced or are about to!

Today, Silvio Muscat & Co , Accountants in Malta , brings over 25 years’ experience in Accounting, Audits and especially Business Consulting.

We are blessed to have learnt so much from past mistakes including our own as well as our clients’ successes. Resulting in proven methods to apply for all the smallest and largest challenges which small and medium-sized businesses face during their life cycle (from start-up through to growth and maturity)

Anyone can produce a good set of accounts. But very few have the skills to create a relationship where it’s not just cost cutting and tax saving but also increasing revenues for the particular client.

So… if you’re looking for accountants who …put YOUR success and personal well-being at the centre of their business…

…and really care about building a long-term win – win relationship, then we know you’re going to love taking some time out of your day to discuss your future with us over a cup of coffee.

Over a NO-OBLIGATION Meeting, and in even under an hour, depending on the situation, right there and then we’ll identify and advise on your most pressing financial challenges , revenue generating possibilities and of course a way forward. 

So whether you’re starting a new business and want to hit the ground running, or have an existing one and are looking for a fresh and very successful approach to accountancy and advisory, we urge you to get in touch now.

Just give us a call on 21345014 / 27345014 or email us on: hello@silviomuscat.com