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Action and Procrastinating: How to achieve your goals and stop procrastinating.

Action and Procrastinating. We’re all guilty of this deadly sin. It eats away our precious time and prevents us from achieving our goals.We want to watch TV, hang out with friends instead of doing that business plan or start that business you always wanted while the competition is working day and night to take your clients. We think to ourselves what if we fail? Self-doubt makes us procrastinate. We find the cleverest reasons to procrastinate. So much so that we even believe our reasons are justified and true. How to break this habit in action and procrastinating?

Fear of failure.

Frist tip in Action and Procrastinating. We question ourselves what if we fail? This is why the majority of people won’t take action and stay within their comfort zone, justifying to themselves working in a job they don’t really like for a business they don’t really feel part of. Why? Because it’s safe, you go to work, you do what’s required and receive that pay cheque at the end of the month. But will it last in a world were our daily living expenses are increasing faster than wage increases and technology is replacing manual labor? Is your job really that safe after all?

Walt Disney was turned away 302 times before he was finally given finance for his dream!

Many entrepreneurs failed the first few times. They are still alive!  Many more of these who failed are today more successful than ever before as they learnt from the past and succeeded later on!

No risk – no major return.


The comfort zone

As mentioned above the comfort zone is a beautiful place, it’s comfy, no fear of rejection, no fear of failure, no fear of not having money at the end of the month. It’s safe but nothing grows there. Familiarity is the outcome of day to day life. Successful people say that the comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be because of the protection it provides and the illusion that comes with it.

Getting yourself out there and telling people about your ventures or dream is one thing. Asking them to part with their money for your service or product is the real challenge! It’s scary, but how can you achieve if you’re not willing to put yourself the test?

Do what makes you uncomfortable, you’ll live!  Remember this quote “ If you do what is easy , life will be hard, if you do what is hard , life will be easy!”

Putting tasks on hold

Putting tasks on hold it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re procrastinating. It could also mean you’re prioritizing the important tasks.  But you must be honest with yourself. Hand on heart ask yourself is what you’re doing really important?

Are your filling your day with non-important tasks or ones that have a low priority, to justify to yourself being “busy”.  But in reality avoiding what makes you uncomfortable and doing what really needs to be done! We’re all guilty of that!

Other things to consider:

  • Reading an email but not answering them
  • Starting that important task and then going off to have a coffee or watch a movie.
  • Filling your day with those low priority tasks instead of those big important tasks that are waiting for you.
  • Waiting for the right mood or time. Plot Twist – It’s never the right mood or the right time.

How to overcome procrastination?

another tip in Action and Procrastinating forgive yourself for the past procrastination. You will feel more focused and positive.

Commit to the task, focusing on the DOING not AVOIDING. Write down the tasks you must complete and set a time for doing them.

Reward yourself. If you complete a task reward yourself with a nice treat maybe buy yourself a nice meal, get a message, a slice of cake or get a coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Make sure you notice how good it feels.  Program yourself to success! If necessary bribe yourself J

Ask someone to keep you accountable and “punish” you if you don’t deliver.

Avoid Distractions – turn off your emails, switch off your phone and stay away from social media etc

Say to yourself “I must do this” or “I have to do this”

Keep a to do list: This will help you from forgetting about complicated or overwhelming tasks.

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