You are currently viewing SME Consultancy Scheme – EU funds for Malta.

SME Consultancy Scheme – EU funds for Malta.

SME Consultancy Scheme – EU funds for Malta.

One of our favorite EU funding incentives….the SME Consultancy Scheme.

This scheme gives you 80% back in Cash Grants up to a maximum of €4000 on the below consultancy services we can help you with:


  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Organisation and Operations Review 
  • Process and Systems Review 

As you probably can see and start to picture, the above services create unlimited possibilities to discover improvements, research new products and gaps in the market, even foreign markets, obtain funding, new investors, cut inefficiencies by better use of technology and other improvements. All of which will improve your profitability and help you achieve your goals even faster.


With a much simpler application process than other EU funding Incentives , this grant is especially great for you if the above possibilities or problems that need addressing have always been on your mind but don’t have the much needed time  , technical expertise or need an professional outsider’s perspective ( at a cost of only 20% of his value) to:

  • Conduct studies on potential opportunities and markets to increase Sales income
  • Create a solid business plan for yourself , or perhaps the bank to acquire finance for a profitable opportunity , expansion or modernization of your business and conquer your market
  • As well as Business Plans for Other investors. Remember the bank is far from your only source of funding for your business… (We can help out with other investors and sources of funding also)
  • Get an expert’s help on how to make the best use of technology, software, e-commerce and more to improve your business’s system and operational methods.

 Even the smallest improvements can lead to big changes on your profitability over time.

What’s even better is that you can get 80% of the consultancy fees back! 


More information on the SME Consultancy Scheme can be found here:

Just identify were you would like our help to get to the next step, and with your blessing we will do what we truly enjoy doing.


Whether you need help with this Grant or the many other EU funds, Malta Enterprise Incentives and Tax credits available till 2020, don’t miss out on the many opportunities. Just reach out to our consulting and funding ninjas on.


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