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Start-up Investment Grant Scheme – EU FUNDS FOR MALTA

Start-up Investment Grant Scheme - EU FUNDS FOR MALTA

Get up to 50% back in Cash Grants on your initial start-up investment.

We’re here to give you hope, backed with EU Funds available for Maltese Businesses !

It’s no secret that a start-up business has it tough…a million and two articles found on Google explain how risky, how hard to obtain capital etc for a start-up. Not to mention the comments of people around you.

 So instead let’s focus on positives and what actually can be done and stack the odds in your favor!

If you’re established for less than 3 years and a proper start up, (not a large enterprise or group of individuals forming various different companies)… then this incentive is for you!

If you’re going to invest a good deal of money to start your business, then getting 50% immediate return in cash grants is a cash flow life saver!

This golden opportunity is possible through the EU funded – Start-Up Investment Grant Scheme. Which provides up to 50% back in cash grants on the amount of capital invested in your start-up Project… with a Maximum Grant of €300,000!


So what is eligible for Funding through the Start-Up Investment Grant Scheme?

  • Purchasing of equipment
  • Investment in energy efficient machinery
  • Leasing of private premises
  • Construction and upgrades of new property
  • Purchasing of patents or licences

And how do I obtain these funds?

As you can imagine, Business Enhance, the government agency responsible for EU Funding in Malta has to ensure that the EU funds available to Maltese Start-ups are used justly and go to those who really will make the best use of these funds. An impeccable application showing that the start-up business model, strategy makes sense and is likely to succeed is a must. As well as showing that the investment will contribute to society by generating jobs.

That’s why we’re here and this is where our funding experts and ninjas come in.

With a success rate of over 95% for all grant applications we know exactly how to get you those much needed funds today.

As well as combine it with other funding incentives, in particular incentives for start-ups to get you the best return with the minimal amount of expenditure possible so you can have a breather!

Only hurry up, before the funds still remaining are all used as up (as many businesses have already benefitted) or the funding scheme as with all other EU funds and incentives, expire in 2020.

More detailed information of this Cash Grant Scheme can be found here:

Remember, to be eligible, your project must first be approved by the Government agency – Business Enhance before you actually begin your project and start spending.

The first step is meeting up with us and identifying whether your businesses qualifies as well as the potential investment you’re planning to make.

If you reading this, you’re already in the right direction and we’re looking forward to helping you out get the success you deserve!

Whether you need help with this Grant or the many other Incentives, Tax credits schemes available till 2020, don’t miss out on the many opportunities and reach out to us here