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Things you don’t realize are hurting your business

In the business world, what you do can also secretly hurt your business rather than move you forward.

Read the below and take a few minutes to think about whether you are unknowingly also making these mistakes? Happens to all of us.

1.You do too much.

Frist on the list of things you don’t realize are hurting your business When you have business it’s easy to get overwhelmed by ideas. New opportunities are always on the horizon. With these ideas or new contacts you start new ventures, introducing new products and enter new markets. The downside to that is, you’ll have limited amount of attention and energy to spend being efficient. Focus at one major thing at the time. Unless it’s extremely urgent.

2. A team not well informed and without purpose.

Exactly how much time are you truly investing in your team? Having a team, not-informed about your product/service or lack of training can really hurt your business in so many ways it pains me to remember. It’s more than just your team appearing not well informed about your products and service to your customers and losing sales on the spot. Long term the business will develop a bad reputation which will affect your long term survival. Also considering your team members are investing their precious time to help you grow, they deserve better! They deserve to be treated with respect and motivated to come to help you. Remember there’s only one thing that people love sharing more than a good experience…It’s shaming a business that gave them a bad experience.

But before all this, have you asked yourself, do our team even know our company’s mission. Or more worrying, do we ourselves even know our “Why”?

3. Don’t get on with your partner.

When the top people don’t get along, these strained relationships are a ticking atomic bomb. Bad vibes, tension, lack of communication are hurting your strategic goals. Worse of all it’s contagious. Your team will sense the strain, making them uncomfortable. Low morale and job satisfaction eventually leads to staff turnover.

4. You overwork

When owning a business especially a start-up, overworking is a must at times. However, it’s a double edged sword. When you over work yourself, you tend to get tired or burn out which ironically makes you do less in more time!

Research shows a person working 70 hours per week doesn’t accomplish any more than a person who works 50 hours.  Not to mention issues with health such as higher sugar levels, headaches etc. Not forgetting strained personal relationships and conflict due to being over tired and more.

Yes sacrifices must be made. Just remember our brain functions best when we’re rested. If you have a long day ahead of you, try to take short breaks in between at least.

5. We’re not perfect

Lastly on the list of things you don’t realize are hurting your business. You’re human, not a robot and we humans are programmed to make mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is to learn from those mistakes and failures. Remember Feedback not failure. Write them down. How should I have tackled the problem? Should a similar scenario arise again you’ll be prepared! Or better yet is it possible to create a system?

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