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Value Adding Services

The really IMPORTANT things we can help you with such as EU funds in Malta, that truly make a difference resulting in you earn more money (and make sure you keep more of that money for you…)

Our Favourite! Focusing on making sure you earn more money and keep more of that money for you, your family and your lifestyle… whatever the size of your business.

EU Funds

They are designed to suit every client, in every circumstance.

Apart from We currently provide the following Value-Added programmes:

  • 360PLUS Performance Tracker
  • GROWsystems 
  • MorePROFIT
  • MoreFUNDS
  • BusinessTURNAROUND

Here’s a quick overview of each one…

360PLUS Performance Tracker – Detailed Business Performance Tracking.

Too many businesses fail to perform to their true potential. That’s Nothing new! But more interestingly (or rather Sadly), it’s because of things happening beneath the surface that the owner doesn’t become aware of until it’s too late.

Take sales..Increase in Sales and a healthy accounting profit doesn’t guarantee a business will have enough cash to pay its bills next month. 

Traditional Accounting methods also tend to ignore and sweep non-financial problems, (at times the real deadly issues a business should solve), under a carpet of meaningless accounting jargon. 

With 360PLUS Performance Tracker you can run your business like you drive your car, with all the key information right there in front of you.

Forget management accounts, this is a new insightful way of looking at and measuring what really matters ,  as well as your strategy. Enabling you to act today!

Running a successful business is all about making the right decisions. Sometimes we have time to plan properly…BUT in most cases, the decisions that ultimately will decide whether you succeed or fail are the ones that you have to make daily.

Through this program we make sure you have the critical information needed today as well as financial experts for an outsider’s opinion.

CASHAccelerator  – Sales Generator

“Business Leaders think on how they can earn more profit by increasing their income and NOT only chiselling their expenses.”

Dedicating time on how to increase your Sales and cash flow to re-invest in the business is a MUST.

Whether it involves improving the current business model or creating a completely new model or product category altogether we can guide you in strategic decisions and methods to increase your income.

Apart from the strategic level, in this regard we have also teamed up with a local specialists in both Digital Marketing as well as the much needed Direct Sales approach to ensure you hit the ground running and don’t look back.

We will pinpoint where you should be spending your time and money to sell more.

At times making simple tweaks here and there,  will make all the difference in the overly saturated and highly competitive market we live in. Then again why compete just locally when the whole world is your playground?

GROWSystems  – Business Systems and Processes Re-engineering

Do you:

  • Aspire to earn more profits in less time?
  • Aim to maybe actually take a day off to spend with your friends and family? 
  • Plan to build multiple businesses or outlets?

Either way. Your business has to be able to work WITHOUT you and consistently!

Human error is unavoidable but it can be reduced drastically. 

  • Automate your processes when possible
  • Manage good systems together with written procedures.
  • Delegate these procedures to your team

These good systems will in turn then manage the team leaving you with a well-oiled and consistent “War” Machine.

“I put the hamburger on the assembly line,” Ray Kroc

Let us help you revise your business processes. Any business is a system that can be improved.

It’s a fascinating assembly of people, processes and products coming together to fulfill a need, solve a problem and ultimately please a customer.

Even just a simple operating Manual on “how we do things here” or one simple tweak in any production, client fulfilment or even bookkeeping process may save you thousands in unnecessary expenses and labour costs.

That’s more cash in your hands without selling a single product, that’s your hard earned cash which was previously being thrown away…

We can help you with identifying an improved system whilst also getting you back 80% of our services funded through the SME Consultancy Scheme , another EU funded incentive

MorePROFIT – Tax Planning – Keeping Your Money In Your Hands.

We all understand why we have to pay our fair share and why our economy needs a tax system.

But what is ‘fair’, and how do you know what your paying is your fair share?                                                                                 

Do you have the confidence of knowing that you are legal in your tax affairs but not paying a Euro more than is necessary?

Here’s something to think about…With your tax bill amounting to 25% or 35% of your hard earned Profits and cash that’s  approximately three to four months of your year (for every year of your life) working to pay your tax bill!  Scary isn’t it?

Do you have the necessary systems so you are tax and VAT compliant whilst making use of all Allowable deductions and Tax Credits available such as the Micro Invest Scheme and many more?

Tax Savings may result in thousands of more cash to re-invest in your business and put them where they matter to achieve your goals even faster.

MoreFUNDS – EU FUNDS – As the saying goes “Money makes more Money”.

Get your project started faster with EU Funds and leave your competition in Malta way behind with more Funds to invest in growing, before they do!

EU Funded Incentives that will fast forward you business and goals. Read and act quickly, there is no time to lose, as these funds expire in 2020!

It’s that simple the more cash you have, the more you can re-invest that money into:

  • New products
  • Larger Premises
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Technology
  • New Investment opportunities and more

So don’t miss out on the many EU Funds and Incentives such as the:

  • SME Start up Grant Investment Scheme
  • SME Growth Scheme

Why? Well the above two incentives give you from 20% up to 50% of investment costs spent Back in Cash Grants! (AND up to €500,000 !) 

Also available are the :


  • SME Consultancy Scheme  ( Get back 80% of consultancy services)
  • E-Commerce Grant Scheme  ( 50% of your e-commerce website costs)


The question is not will a business hit a rough patch , but whether we are immediately dealing with the issues to keep our boat afloat. Many business have been temporarily knocked down only to get back up and thrive. 

Yet , every day a business keeps losing money without taking drastic action is a day decreasing the chances of salvaging a business that we built from scratch.

Why let all our sacrifices, blood and sweat go down the drain. , especially when this can be solved with immediate action , advice and tweaking.

Together, through our experience in Business Turnaround and Business Restructuring Services and your industry’s knowledge and current business expertise , we will work side by side to take your business from a period of losses to profits and negative cashflow to positive cashflow and achieve your life’s mission and goals.

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